A call for the host for QCrypt 2016

The QCrypt steering committee would like to select a host for QCRYPT 2016.

If you are interested, please provide us with a few pages of information detailing your offer to host the event.

Please send it to us by 26 Jan 2015 at prop2016@qcrypt.net.


In particular, it would be great if you could let us know about (1) your ability to provide a conference location and local organization (2) a rough outline of proposed funding sources.


Note that, in order to ensure a good spread of locations, we will preferentially consider applications to host the conference for 2016 outside of Europe or Asia.

QCrypt 2011 was held in Zurich, QCrypt 2012 in Singapore, QCrypt 2013 in Waterloo, QCrypt 2014 in Paris, and QCrypt 2015 will be held in Tokyo.



Masahide Sasaki

On behalf of the QCRYPT steering committee